Clean Out The Fridge – Vegetable Bake

So one of my favourite things to in the kitchen is make up new recipes. I have never been one to follow instructions in the kitchen, and as far back as I remember, I have loved to cook with what I have. Every Sunday, I try to look in my fridge, lay it all out on the bench and see what I can make with it. This is also a great way to curb any waste in your fridge that might be headed for the compost or the landfill. So today, I’m going to step you through my Vegetable Bake “recipe” from this past Sunday.


So this is what I had in my fridge:

2 Sweet Potato’s (1 of which i used)
2 onions
1 and a bit carrots
9 beetroots (4 of which i used in this recipe)
4 bunches of garlic
Loose basil
Some Ugly Duck Chilli Sauce
Some Camel feta (the strangest thing i have ever bought)
*I did also use a 1/4 cup of milk in the end, to make sure it wasn’t dry

This recipe came to me as i went, so try to imagine what other ingredients you could use. When it comes to the vegetables, there is no wrong answer, just have fun with it. This is the process i used:

Step 1 – I cut/grated the carrot, sweet potato, onion and beetroot into 5mm sized slices. Actually, i can guarantee that none of them were the same size, but it tried right?

Step 2 – Start Layering the vegetables. Whichever ones you want. Do about 2 or three layers of different vegetables. I chose the carrot, then sweet potato, then beetroot.


Step 3 – I mixed up the cheese, the oil from the cheese and the chilli sauce.


Step 4 – I chopped up the some of the garlic, and ripped up the basil and layered it in.



Step 5 – Continue with the layers, add in the onion for a good crunch about half way, and then layer the rest on top. Add at least 1 cheese layer every 3 layers to keep everything moist. (Yep, i just used the word moist, you are welcome.)


Step 6 – Put it in the oven. Mine was at about 180 degrees celsius. I put it in there for about 1 hour 20 minutes, but basically, I left it in there until a knife went through it smoothly. And this is the finished result.

I would love to see your Zero Waste food creations, tell us all about it in the comment, or tag our Minimize The Waste Facebook page in your pictures.

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