New to Zero Waste? Ways to save $$$$

Use what you have!

I used to be a major over shopper when it came to food, never wanting to run out of anything, buying excessively, and then worrying that it would go bad before I had the chance to use it. I have been on this journey 6 months, and I have not had to do a meat shop since about November 2017. All of the meat in my freezer is almost gone, but that is almost 5 months before I have had to do another shop. On top of this, i have not had to buy so many other things around my house. Here are 5 things that i have realised that i bought in excess.

  1. Bathroom items.
    bathroom items
    For a start, I havent had to buy toilet paper since November either, or pads, or tampons (although when i go through those, I am excited to switch to my new moon cup and reusable pads) or shampoo, (again, switching to bars) or soap, or toothbrushes, or toothpaste, – you get the picture. And I’m not going to run out of many of these things for at least another year.

    I always thought I had good shopping habits. I didn’t buy clothes I didn’t need, or eat out excessivly, or spend hundreds or thousands of dollars when i went into Kmart or Ikea, but the truth was, i had an addiction to being prepared.

  2. Pens
    There is no chance I will ever buy a pen – EVER AGAIN. I am currently doing an audit of my house, clearing out and donating a lot of items. I threw out over 100 pens that were either broken, out of ink or leaking, but still had over 30 pens still to use. Plus, in the last week, i have found 5 pens just laying on the ground that would have ended up in the bin and then gone to landfill.

    I have looked into getting a reusable fountain pen, and its something I will revisit when I run out, but for now I figure I’ll just use what I have and if I can divert something from landfill for a while, then all the better right?

  3. Hair ties and Bobby Pins
    hair ties
    Same deal as the pens – i find them everywhere, and there is no need to buy a pack of 100 at the $2 store. Plus, check out this awesome video on how to up-cycle other items into hair ties.
  4. Tupperware
    We already really get so many reusable containers that we cannot help but receive when we purchase food items. From Bags that are ziplock to glass jars, we already get so much – so why spend the money on more, just so they match?
  5. New Clothes
    Ok, so I might buy clothes again one day (second hand of course) but for now, I have enough, and I have accepted that. In fact, I think I might still have too many, but thats something I am working on? (Leave a comment below if you want to hear about my attempt at the minimalism game challenge.) The reality is, most of us have more outfits than we could wear in a month, and are constantly buying new items. Take stock of what you have and mix and match – you might have new outfits without even leaving your closet!

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