Say no to the STRAW!

I spoke to my sister last week, who is also trying to reduce her waste, and she told me she was at a club on the weekend. Without thinking, she asked for a straw to stir her drink. The bartender proceeded to tell her that they no longer gave out straws, as they were trying to reduce their waste.

You can imagine, first of all, that she was highly embarrassed, since that was what she was trying to do as well, BUT, she was also so proud that someone else was doing their bit. They proceeded to tell her, that on average, their club went through 30, 000 straws in a weekend. Yes, thirty THOUSAND, in 48 hours????? I couldn’t believe it. Apparently, they go into the drink, it gets stirred around, and then it goes in the bin, they aren’t even using it to drink! And straws are 100% not recyclable. Each straw you use will outlive you, your children, and their children, and will still look exactly the same as it does right now.

After this, i decided to make a conscious effort to not get a straw. Not just not use one, but to actively refuse one before it is given to me. I thought this would be sooooo easy, i didn’t ever use a straw at home, and i couldn’t think of the last time i had used one.

You know what i learned? it wasn’t that i hadn’t been using straws, it just wasn’t something i was consciously aware of. i have been to a restaurant 3 times since then, and each time, i had to remind myself to say “no straw please”.

That is my challenge to you today. Remember to say “no straw please” next time you dine out. Of course, if you really want a straw, you can purchase reusable, metal or glass straws – but thats up to you. I say, just sip your drink from the glass. Save you money, save the restaurant money, and minimise the waste.

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