My Top 5 Influencers of the last 6 months.

When I began my journey 6 months ago, the first thing I did was a ton of research. the problem was, with literature and essays, most of it was about the impact that our waste was having on the planet. While this is important and it has its place, I was becoming overwhelmed with what I couldn’t change, but had trouble finding things I could change. Enter Youtube, where I found a sea of “Zero Wasters” who were doing something that I could do too! It was motivating and inspiring. I have these 5 lovely ladies to thank for getting me on this journey, and keeping me on this journey.


Lauren was my first step when it comes to the zero waste community. I saw her video “4 Year Trash Jar” at the beginning of my journey, and she really showed me what can make a difference. While I don’t myself keep a trash jar, because I still produce more trash than could fit in a jar, I love her aspirational life and love the way she gets her message out there. She also has some great tips on her YouTube channel “Trash is for Tossers” and her website


My next, and probably my biggest influence to date is Stephanie white, from LIVING WASTE FREE. Stephanie is a relatable zero waster, still on her journey like the rest of us. I really love to cook, and have really embraced the idea of making things from scratch to avoid waste, and Stephanie has some great videos on how to make tortillas, dinner rolls, lemon bars, peach pie and tons more, along with other zero waste life hacks. I encourage you to check out her blog site here, and her youtube channel, LIVING WASTE FREE


I would like to start of this by saying that I am not a vegan, and you can find out more about that on my last blog, why I am not a vegan. But Sustainably Vegan is so much more than her name suggests, in fact, she is the reason I am stil on this journey, and have learned to see the bigger picture. Sustainably Vegan is moving away from Zero Waste as a term, and moving towards “Low Impact” and I was lucky enough to find this little gem when I was starting to feel like everything was a little bit helpless.


Shelby is a fun loving youtuber, who I first came across when I saw her dumpster diving videos. DON’T RUN AWAY! I am not suggesting anyone dumpster dives unless that is your thing – it certainly isn’t for me, but it really opened my eyes about how much food is wasted in the world, and made me think of other ways I could reduce food waste in the world around me. Shelby is also part of the Low Impact movement, and has some great tips for zero waste shopping, beyond just not using plastic, but using things that would otherwise go to waste.


The girl gone green is another down to earth way in to the world of zero waste. Her unique confessions about how she is “not zero waste” remind us all every time that we are not perfect. But minimising our impact isn’t about being perfect, its about doing what we can every day. The Girl Gone Green reminds us all how to be the best us we can be. Check her out here:

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