Why 37 flavors is just too many!

Right now, McDonalds Australia is promoting its frozen drinks on every print, digital and video marketing platform imaginable. They are promoting that they have 37 flavors in their frozen drink range. This got me thinking, why would anyone ever need 37 different flavors for something as simple as choosing a drink. McDonald's customers have been... Continue Reading →

5 Things I only need one of

This past month, we did another cleanout of our house. Don't get me wrong, we don't like a lot of new things coming into our home, but the more you declutter, the more you realize how much you really don't need. Here are 5 things we found duplicates of, that we realized we didn't need.... Continue Reading →

3 Books I’ve read this month

I think reading is one of the most important ways to grow as a person. Whether it is reading about our impacts on the environment, about Zero Waste or minimalism, or simply reading about a person's life or lifestyle that is different from your own - reading can be a way to experience something you... Continue Reading →

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