Hi! I am so Glad you are here! Sit down, make yourself at home. You are probably here because you want to reduce your waste, spend less money and be happy! Or at least that’s what I’m assuming, for all I know, you are reading this at 3am, 8 coffees’ in and down a deep... Continue Reading →

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3 Quick and Easy Zero Waste Snacks

As a rule, I'm not a big snacker. For me, meals are usually enough. However, my partner and many of the people around me are big snackers, and this is usually their downfall when it comes to reducing waste. Snacks can often lead to convenience foods that are heavily packaged and packed with nasty ingredients,... Continue Reading →

Things to STOP being distracted by

We are all human - we have human weaknesses and human distractions. Just because we are on an Eco-Friendly journey, doesn't mean temptation isn't there - even for me. I thought I'd share 3 things that I am going to focus on NOT being distracted by anymore in 2019. 1 - Convenience Convenience is a... Continue Reading →

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