Hi! I am so Glad you are here! Sit down, make yourself at home. You are probably here because you want to reduce your waste, spend less money and be happy! Or at least that’s what I’m assuming, for all I know, you are reading this at 3am, 8 coffees’ in and down a deep... Continue Reading →

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5 reasons to have a to-do list

This month I have been focusing on organization. This includes checklists. Checklists can be a tool for more than just remembering what you have to do. Here are 10 reasons a to-do list works for me. It declutters my mind: Do you ever feel like there are so many things going on in your head... Continue Reading →

Facebook Sharing is NOT Enough!

Every week, I see multiple posts on social media along the lines of "this tragic thing is happening, share to stop it, or "share to send a message to the government". This makes me really sad. Now before my statement upsets you, hear me out. It isn't because people are posting about a cause that... Continue Reading →

Going Zero Waste with the Mail

Going Zero Waste with my mailbox was one of the first things I tried to change on my Zero Waste Journey - but this is something I still struggle with on a monthly basis. That's right, almost a year in, I still have not eliminated my mail completely! BUT - I have been able to... Continue Reading →

I’ve been meaning to do that…

The reality of running a blog, working full time, keeping our house remotely clean (with my partner of course) and just general life means there isn't a lot of time left in the day for other things - and I have found myself getting into a nasty habit of thinking "oh I must get rid... Continue Reading →

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